06 April 2007

bursting into song

This clip on Youtube may only be a college prank by Prangstgrüp (from Columbia University) but it must have been quite liberating.

It would be so cool to just burst into song at anytime. It is a shame that society deems such an act as lunacy.


The good thing about Good Friday is not having to go to work, so Good Friday is a good Friday, literally.

Didn't do much today. Emily came over this afternoon and we caught up on another four episodes of Heroes (now up to date) and two episodes of Prison Break (another four to go).

I made a simple dinner of roast free range corn fed chicken with roast potatoes, sweet potato, and beetroot.


Miss_K said...

The spontaneous bursting into song sounds like the work of Improv-Everywhere. http://www.improveverywhere.com/

They regularly schedule stuff like this via Craig's List. http://www.craigslist.org/about/cities.html

Anonymous said...

it's like living in a musicial!! i'd love it!!!