26 June 2007

food fads...

From Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living supplement (about food, every Tuesday)

It's a fad, fad world

Sydney is nothing if not faddy. David Dale charts the foodstuffs and techniques that have dominated the city's dining scene over the years.

1982 Raspberry vinegar

1983 Fruit as garnish on main courses, especially tamarillo and kiwifruit

1984 Sticky date pudding

1985 King Island double cream, then King Island everything

1986 Sundried tomatoes

1987 Tiramisu

1988 Pesto

1989 Goat cheese

1990 Caesar salad

1991 Tall food - ingredients stacked and layered on the plate

1992 Cajun-blackened everything

1993 Pizza with barbecued lamb and rocket

1994 Coffin Bay scallops

1995 Char-grilled octopus

1996 Aioli, with everything

1997 Bruschetta (pronounced broo-shetta)

1998 Harissa, chermoula, Middle Eastern everything

1999 Mushroom risotto

2000 Caramelised everything

2001 Truffled olive oil (artificially flavoured)

2002 Seafood carpaccio

2003 Confit duck, then confit everything

2004 Affogato

2005 Pork belly and scallops

2006 Foam everything

2007 Organic everything

I must have missed some of the fads. I still make confit duck, pork belly, mushroom risotto etc. But I am so over sun dried tomatoes...

It was so cold today (maximum was 4 degrees Celsius) and it rained this morning as I walked to work.


Miss_K said...


An update on the ridiculous dry cleaner lawsuit. Good to see that justice has prevailed for a change.

Daniel said...

Thanks Miss K.