17 June 2007

football - round 12

GEELONG 1.4 4.8 6.11 12.13 (85)
BRISBANE LIONS 0.2 0.4 4.5 5.5 (35)

Goals: Geelong: S Johnson 3 J Bartel A Mackie T Varcoe C Mooney N Ablett M Stokes G Ablett P Chapman D Wojcinski. Brisbane: J Brown 2 R Hadley J Patfull J MacDonald.
Best: Geelong:
G Ablett J Selwood S Johnson M Egan J Bartel M Scarlett. Brisbane: J Drummond N Lappin J Brennan J Brown M Rischitelli J Adcock.
Injuries: Geelong: K Tenace (ankle). Brisbane: J Charman (head).
Umpires: M Stevic B Allen C Kamolins
Official crowd: 21,212 at Skilled Stadium

It was cold and wet. I nearly travelled to attend this game, but kind of glad I didn't. The result was no surprise - Geelong is the top ranking team at the moment. Our boys put up a good fight.

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Rog and Drummo spoiling Nathan Ablett

Blacky takes a dive after Darren Milburn

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Woody and Ottens ruck contest

Colm going after Joel Selwood

Browny round 12 2007

JMac round 12 2007

Richard Hadley round 12 2007
Hads being blocked by Jimmy Bartels

Ash round 12 2007Ash

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