04 July 2007

European films... a word from MEDIA

MEDIA is the EU's support programme for the European audiovisual industry.

It supports the development and distribution of European films as well as training activities, festivals and promotion projects throughout Europe.

Its objectives are:
  • to strive for a stronger European audiovisual sector, reflecting and respecting Europe’s cultural identity and heritage;
  • to increase the circulation of European audiovisual works inside and outside the European Union; and
  • to strengthen the competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector by facilitating access to financing – in particular SMEs and the use of digital technologies
MEDIA even has some great promotional videos on YouTube.

tapping into the talent

romanticim is still alive in Europe's films

singing the blues on the silver screen

film lovers will love this!

Thank goodness we have a Dendy Cinema in town which shows lots of European and art house films.

European films from France, Germany, Italy etc are just as good, if not better than lots of Hollywood productions.


I still haven't made preserved lemons yet. Everything is waiting on the kitchen bench for me to proceed. But again, I can't be bothered. Maybe tomorrow.

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