22 July 2007

football - round 16

BRISBANE LIONS 6.2 9.5 17.8 25.13 (163)
CARLTON 2.4 4.6 6.7 6.10 (46)

Goals: Brisbane: J Brown 10 R Hooper 4 J Adcock 3 R Copeland 2 J Patfull J Brennan J Charman W Hamill S Harding A McGrath. Carlton: B Fevola 3 R Houlihan M Murphy K Simpson.

Best: Brisbane:
J Brown J Adcock R Hooper J Charman J Roe R Copeland. Carlton: A Carrazzo R Houlihan L Blackwell A Bentick.

: M Stevic R Chamberlain G Fila.
Official crowd: 27,163 at the Gabba.

I went to the club at 1pm to watch the game. It was awesome. Browny bagged 10 goals - a record. It was just about raining goals.

I usually try to go to Brisbane for the Sunday afternoon games, but not this year.

(first two pics courtesy of my friend Lesa who attended the game)

Leuey rucking







after a win, the club song is sung

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