17 July 2007

fried spiders

Last Thursday I wrote about 'eating insects in Thailand'.

From The Sydney Morning Herald... fried spider.

What: Fried spider.

Where: Cambodia.

What is it: An arachnid derived from a species of tarantula called "a-ping". Some people say the habit of eating these creatures may have come about from years of desperation during Khmer Rouge rule when food was in short supply.

How it is prepared: The spiders are tossed in a mixture of MSG, sugar and salt. Crushed garlic is fried in oil until fragrant then the spiders are added and fried alongside the garlic until the legs are almost completely stiff, by which time the contents of the abdomen are not so runny.

The taste is not particularly strong; it's more a textural contrast between a crispy exterior and soft centre. While there is not all that much flesh on the legs, the head and body have a soft, delicate white meat inside. The abdomen, however, is not for the faint-hearted. Inside is a brown paste that is thought to be a heady mixture of organs, eggs or excrement.

A mountain of fried spiders - tarantulas - basted in oil and garlic and fried until the legs are almost completely stiff.
Photo: AFP

Mmmmm.... can't wait to try it... not. Maybe they're not that different to (eating) octopus.

Today was very cold and reports are that it may snow tomorrow.

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