02 July 2007


From UK Metro
Man eats all 'all you can eat' eats
Friday, June 29, 2007
British breakfast

A guest with the appetite of Homer Simpson stunned hotel staff by scoffing 15 fried breakfasts in one sitting yesterday.

Businessman Barry Bradley, 47, paid £7.50 for the 'all you can eat' grease mountain, which took more than three hours to devour.

He gobbled up at least 30 sausages, 20 rashers of bacon, 15 fried eggs and three tins of beans.

He even topped it off with six bowls of cereal at the Premier Travel Inn in Tonbridge, Kent, so at least he was keeping healthy.

A waitress said: 'We couldn't believe it – he looked like he was never going to stop.'

I can't believe this either. Aside from being a glutton, the gentleman is asking for a heart attack.

I enjoy a cooked breakfast now and again, but limit it to one sausage or equivalent, two rashers of bacon and two fried eggs. That is plenty for a greasy breakfast.

Four more days before the weekend again...

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