25 August 2007

football - round 21

ADELAIDE 3.2 6.7 10.13 12.14 (86)

BRISBANE LIONS 3.0 3.1 5.8 8.12 (60)

GOALS — Adelaide: Goodwin 2, Bock 2, Welsh, Thompson, Edwards, Gill, McLeod, Burton, Johncock, Porplyzia. Brisbane Lions: Copeland 2, Brown, Clark, Notting, Black, Sherman, Stiller.
BEST — Adelaide: Rutten, Goodwin, Johncock, Shirley, Edwards, Stevens. Brisbane Lions: Selwood, Power, Adcock, Lappin, Begley, Stiller.

INJURIES — Adelaide: Knights (back) replaced in selected side by Doughty. Welsh (knee). Brisbane Lions: Drummond (knee) replaced in selected side by C Scott. Patfull (broken collarbone).
REPORTS — Adelaide: Reilly by field umpire Goldspink for alleged rough contact on Stiller (Brisbane Lions) during the last quarter.
UMPIRES: Stevic, Jeffery, Goldspink.
CROWD: 46,507 at AAMI Stadium.

This was a must win game to stay in finals contention. Next week's game against Geelong is almost certainly going to be a thrashing, so my team's season is almost over.

Adelaide's Andrew McLeod with the ball, tackled by Rischa




Chris Scott tacking Adelaide's Mark Ricciuto

Being gentlemen, Brisbane Lions players give best wishes to Ricciuto for his retirement after his final game

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