30 August 2007

hammer throw?

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is hosting the 11th IAAF World Championships Athletics at the moment in Osaka (25 Aug - 2 Sept).

One of the events is called the Hammer Throw.

Betty Heidler of Germany - Hammer Throw qualification

Well, it looks like a ball on a string to me. Why don't they just call it the Ball Throw?

I don't see a hammer being used do you? Why don't they have an event called the Screwdriver Throw?

My old friend from high school, Destiny, came over for dinner tonight. I used the oven again to roast pork belly (marinated in preserved lemon, orange marmalade and soy), potatoes and brussel sprouts.

We watch some of the athletics coverage on TV and had a bit of a laugh. Sports coverage can be funny when you notice things like eyebrows etc.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this should probably keep their stupid comments to themselves