03 August 2007


I always thought that jaywalking was walking diagonally across the road. From The Age

Jaywalkers will face $55 on-the-spot fines as police crack down on pedestrians who ignore traffic signals in Operation Don't Do Your Dash.

Jaywalking is officially classified as crossing a road within 20 metres of a traffic signal.
Thankfully, I always cross at the designated spots. Mind you, if there are no cars, I will cross the road with the "DON'T WALK" sign. I wonder if that is also jaywalking.

Friday. Thank goodness the weekend is here.

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Bogdan, the editor said...

My aunt was ticketed for jaywalking in Washington, D.C., years and years ago.

At least in D.C., jaywalking is crossing the road anywhere outside of designated pedestrian crossings.