18 August 2007

mutant sheep killers...

There is a saying that Australia's wealth was was built on the sheep's back - "riding on the sheep's back". Early last century, wool exports drove the Australian economy, which was highly protected of course by tariffs.

Both Australia and New Zealand continue to have a large sheep industry where the sheep population often outnumbers people.

Hence there are a lot of sheep jokes. Some of them are rather unsavoury.

Now from New Zealand comes a horror flick about mutant sheep that attack people called Black Sheep.

Hmmm... I like that idea. A must watch.


Sheep thrills ... Nathan Meister does his best to blend in.
sheep skin jacket? no wonder the sheep are angry

Oliver Driver experiences the violence of the lamb in  Black Sheep.
violence of the lambs

black sheep
genetic engineering gone wrong

Kane, the German Shepherd, came over late this morning to stay for the weekend. I took him on two walks today - one to the local shops, and then this afternoon around the local neighbourhood. He's a great dog.

Finally, one of my team's games is being shown live on TV tonight. It is a rare luxury to be able to sit at home and watch it live. Mind you, I do prefer being at the actual game.

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