02 September 2007

football - round 22

From last night

GEELONG 5.2 9.4 15.10 22.13 (145)

BRISBANE LIONS 2.1 6.6 9.10 15.13 (103)

GOALS Geelong: Mooney 4, Ottens 4, S Johnson 3, Stokes 3, Chapman 2, Byrnes 2, Ling 2, N Ablett, Kelly. Brisbane Lions: Brown 7, Copeland 3, Brennan 3, Adcock, Johnson.

BEST Geelong: Selwood, S Johnson, N Ablett, Stokes, Enright. Brisbane Lions: Lappin, Selwood, Brown, Adcock.

INJURIES Geelong: Egan (ankle).
UMPIRES: Grun, Wenn, Woodcock.
CROWD: 34,107 at the Gabba.

It was going to be just about impossible to beat the best side in the competition. Browny with 77 goals will now take the John Coleman medal for kicking the most goals in the regular season. It was also the final game for Chris Johnson and Chris Scott who announced their retirement.

Big Red



Blacky being tackled



two Chrises, Scotty and Johno

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