16 September 2007


I wrote about bottled water on 17 April 2007 and how buying bottled water is very environmentally unsound.

New from Evian - 'the most important body of water is your own', enough to make you thirsty for bottled Evian water.

What I actually want is this cool looking water bottle.

Now for an interesting article from Fast Company magazine of July 2007 called 'Message in a Bottle '.
Worldwide, 1 billion people have no reliable source of drinking water; 3,000 children a day die from diseases caught from tainted water.

We pitch into landfills 38 billion water bottles a year -- in excess of $1 billion worth of plastic.

24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi.
I don't actually like the taste of Evian.

I didn't do anything today either. What a 'do nothing' weekend. Sometimes they are the best. In the morning, I did visit Tim and Toni at the house around the corner, which they bought a few months ago. Even their adopted daughter Phrim let me carry her. Aside from that, nothing.


Bogdan, the editor said...

We didn't do much either. We went to a farmers market in a town north of here. It's better than the one we usually go to. Pretty fun! Anyway, I love evian water! I don't buy it though.

Why is it that the guys get to wear pants in the ads, and the females don't??

Daniel said...

Maybe they have ugly legs.