19 November 2007


I've only eaten Sevruga caviar a few times in the past. One of those times, the caviar had not been stored properly or was stored too long and the salt had crystalised.

I think it tastes best plain and unadulterated, not with any condiments or as a condiment, and using a spoon.

See Goldarths Review - fact file on caviar

Supernatural isn't the only good show on television on Monday nights. Shameless (produced by British Channel 4) is also good for a laugh.

Debbie Gallagher
Debbie goes out with her new neighbour Luke (but her dad visits the parents who are strict Christians and tells them that his virgin daughter is a 'slapper')

Mickey Maguire makes a move on Ian
Mickey Maguire makes a move on Ian (you don't want to know)

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Miss_K said...

We <3 Shameless!