13 November 2007

Wedginald on Cheddarvision

Reported by Reuters on 12 November 2007
LONDON (Reuters) - Wedginald, the English cheddar cheese that has become a star of the Internet as it matures live on screen, is up for auction with the proceeds going to charity.

The 44 pound cheese that has attracted 1.65 million viewer hits on www.cheddarvision.tv since it first went on the web late last year has nearly completed its 12-month maturation and will be ready to eat by Christmas, the owners said.

"As a fitting end to the first year of Cheddarvision we at West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers are going to auction Wedginald to the highest bidder and donate all the proceeds to BBC Children in Need," they wrote on the website.

Cheese lovers can get not just a slice of the action but the whole lot by placing their bids on ebay before November 19.

I like a well matured cheddar. The more mature the better, preferably aged 24 months - vintage.

As for watching cheese age (on the internet)... hmmm. Paint would dry faster. Would you watch that?

Today was a busy day at work. Two weeks to go before the federal election on 24 November which should mean an hiatus in the bureaucracy. Just not today, nor tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm watching 300.


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