16 November 2007

would Homer Simpson eat this?

(photo source - the a.v. club)

Pork Brains - 5-ounce can with nine grams of carbs, 14 grams of protein and 3,190 milligrams of cholesterol (1,060 percent of the recommended daily allowance).

What's with mixing the measurements - ounces and grams anyway?

Thankfully, this product is not available for sale in Australia. If I wanted to eat pig brains, I'd prefer it fresh and not processed.

Whole unpeeled large prawns were cheap from the supermarket today, so I bought some (they were raw and defrosted). I cooked them in a wok with hot chilli sauce and ketchup (quick and easy chilli prawns in the shell).

It made me a little sad as plain cooked prawns were one of Fatty's favourites. He used to grab them out of my hands (just as I was about to put one in my mouth).

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