25 November 2007

zombies are coming

The Establishment

ZombiesAreComing.com is an online organization, established in 2007, for the purpose of promoting zombie awareness and preparation for the coming tides of darkness.

While outbreaks have been limited in the past to controllable levels, this trend is changing, and we must be proactive in defense of our homeland. Those in power have been able to contain and downplay any and all outbreaks, despite underground movements to inform the general public of pending danger. This site will help you take matters into your own hands and regain your options for self-defense against any ghoulish outbreak. Here, you are free to discuss with other survivalists about tactics, equipment, weapons, buildings, and any other methods to prepare for the days that the dead walk the face of the earth.

We have to take matters into our own hands, folks. It is us or them. This is our time to be prepared. This is our time to live.

Zombies Are Coming Promotion

Don't say you weren't warned!

Today I watched episodes 8-13 of the second season of Kyle XY online. It took up a lot of the day, but it was entertaining.

I also mowed half the lawn (chest high over-grown weeds) in the backyard. I will do the rest on Tuesday evening.

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