21 December 2007

another useless invention 2

From Plow & Hearth
Sno-Baller® and Snow Block Maker
Remember The Simple And Exciting Fun Of Snowball Fights?
The Sno-Baller® turns out huge numbers of snowballs in seconds, so gloves stay drier and hands warmer, and you can fire away without running out — crucial in family and neighborhood snowball fights!

Snow Block Maker forms perfect-sized chunks for snow forts and walls, and also works in sand at the beach. Injection-molded high-impact plastic. Ages 5+.

Price US $8.95

I thought half the fun of snow balls was making them with your hands.

Another unnecessary and useless item.

Thank goodness the work week is over. Today was a slowish day. Most people in the office were waiting for the day to end. Sue B came back with me after work and we had a drink.

There isn't much on tv, so I'm re-watching episodes of Doctor Who, season three.

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