19 December 2007


Food-enlightened Australians know where to find the best laksa in the town they live.

The best laksa I ever ate was from the Mindil Beach market in Darwin.

Lean cuisine ... traditional Malaysian dishes are getting a low-fat makeover.

As the coconut milk used is fattening and unhealthy, laksa is a rare but truly tasty treat. I made laksa once, but used a pre-made paste. I used low-fat coconut milk.

Reuters recently reported that in Malaysia, where laksa is part of the local cuisine (also in Singapore), they have started using soy milk. Blech!

Today was a great day at work. Our work section went out for a Christmas lunch at the Dumpling Inn for Peking Duck, and we could go home afterwards. All staff is allowed one afternoon off for the occasion per year. Woohoo!

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