29 December 2007


Designed by Turkish designer company Ünal & Böler, the Nar coffee table has slots to allow books to be integrated into the coffee table.
“Nar” means “pomegranate” in Turkish. Pomegranate is a fruit that holds hundreds of juicy seeds inside. It’s a fruit that symbolizes fertility. Nar coffe table carries books and books carry ideas. Ideas can be destructive as much as they can be constructive. Our aim was to emphasize the danger and the dilemma it holds with utter nakedness.
It won the Istanbul Design Week Best Design Award 2005.

I could use it as a way to hold the place of all my half-read books at the right page, and as a daily reminder to finish reading them.

Today was a warm day.

I have been watching the Dune series on DVD. I read the books when I was younger. Gee I was a geek.

Paul Atreides / Muad'Dib

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Anonymous said...

I read Dune, too. it's one f my favorites.