23 January 2008

Church of the Jedi

There really is a Church of the Jedi
The UK Church Of The Jedi started in 2003 when Master Morda Hehol (Head of Church) and his apprentice Jo-Jak Hawil dedicated their life style to the Jedi way. After years of training, Morda trained his brother JonBa Hehol up to be a Jedi Master and the two started a ministry in 2007. Using some teachings from other UK Jedi churches and writing their own, the church grew and they set up an online chapter of UK Church of the Jedi. Now the church organization controls most Jedi churches in the UK, and gains members world wide.
I had to do some editing there to make that more literate!

Apparently, there are lots of potential followers worldwide. In the 2001 census conducted by a number of countries - there were:
According to the Jedi Order, a person doesn't just become a Jedi master

To become a Jedi requires the deepest commitment and most serious mind. It is not a venture to be undertaken lightly. As such, Jedi instruction is rigidly structured and codified to enforce discipline and hinder transgression.

Jedi candidates are detected, identified and taken into the order as infants. One method of detection is through blood sampling -- those with great Force potential often have high midi-chlorian counts in their bloodstream. A prospective Jedi begins training in infancy. All connection to previous family life is lost. In this early stage of training, a single master instructs groups, or clans, of Jedi hopefuls.

Hmmm... if I was to follow Master Morda Hehol's teachings, I'd want him to demonstrate his powers of the mind, such as levitating objects.

I'm waiting for the Sith to start up their 'church' The Dark Side is much more appealing. If it was good enough for Anakin Skywalker...

Yoda - do not to the Dark Side go

Anakin - feel the power of the Dark Side

Good or evil... it's how you look at it.

Jedi or Sith, their beliefs are just as valid as that of Scientology.

Emily visited this evening (instead of tomorrow). We watched the Food Safari episode on Singaporean cuisine. I'm going to have to cook Hainanese chicken rice for dinner soon.

We had t-bone steak for dinner, with carrots, beans and broccoli and then went for a walk.

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