16 January 2008

public art goes private - Banksy

A wall painted by British 'graffiti' artist Banksy was sold on eBay for £208,100 (AUD453,700 or USD410,830). The wall is located at Portobello Road in London. The vendor Luti Fagbenle actually owns the wall as part of the building which houses his media production company. Personally, I think that Banksy should be paid a 'royalty' percentage.

See reporting by Reuters

Some of Banksy's other works are also just as amazing, and even cheeky.

Balloon Girl - Always Hope

Pissing Guard

Kissing Coppers

In Melbourne (Australia), one of Banksy's works, 'Little Diver', painted in 2003 during a visit, has suddenly become valuable. Adorned on the rear of the Nicholas Building on the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Lane, which is also heritage listed, city officials now want to protect the artwork.

Andrew McDonald, director of the Citylights public art project does not believe it should be preserved.

"It's strange because graffiti isn't meant to last, it's ephemeral," Mr McDonald said. "So trying to save it is a pretty funny thing to do. I'm sure that irony's not lost on Banksy. And there's a fair bit of irony in somebody selling a wall."

Reported in The Age

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