07 January 2008

Triple J - hottest 100 songs for 2007

Vote for us in triple j's Hottest 100
triple j's hottest 100 is one of the largest public music polls in the world with millions of individual votes counted since it's inception in 1989.

Originally listeners were asked to compile a list of their favourite songs of all time and mail them to triple j. Diligent triple j staffers then tallied these votes by hand! Today things have been greatly simplified behind the scenes, with all voting cast using either SMS or online.
I've voted for ten songs towards the Triple J hottest 100 for 2007.

My ten were

Panics, The - Don't Fight It
Panics, The - Get Us Home
Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
Muse - Invincible
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
Sigur Ros - Hljomalind
Athlete - Hurricane
Basics, The - Just Hold On

I picked from a shortlist, then realised I could add my own (Athlete and The Basics).

The 100 finalists end up in a CD compilation. I'm not fussed by the results as I know what I like and already have those on CD.

By the way, I've added new posts to my music blog (look under My Links menu on the right hand side).

The weekend just went. Four days to go again.

New show on tv tonight called Skins (from the makers of Shameless).
Tony is a smart seventeen year old. He undermines his dad on a daily basis and effortlessly covers up for his little sister’s covert delinquency. So smart he believes he can even get his best mate Sid laid, and make a profit - and Abigail’s party seems like the perfect place to do both. Inevitably the dope deal goes wrong, and so does Sid’s quest to lose his virginity; no surprise there. But when the stolen car goes into the river and takes the unpaid-for drugs with it, Tony and his mates are really in the shit.
Are they still called Chavs in Bristol?

Trailer to episode 1 of series 1 of Skins

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