11 February 2008

blue smarties are back (in the UK)

From BBC News (11 February 2008)
Seaweed allows Smarties comeback

Blue Smarties are to make a comeback, after being dropped nearly two years ago, and will now be made with a new colouring extracted from seaweed.

The blue sweets were first introduced in 1989 - and discontinued in 2006 as part of a drive to remove artificial ingredients in children's food.

Makers Nestlé say the new colouring comes from a seaweed called spirulina.

The firm says the other seven colours in the packs also have no artificial colours and flavourings.

Hmmm... no artificial ingredients. I'm checking with the Australian manufacturer, also Nestlé, whether our local product is also all natural. Now I should check M&M's.

Perhaps I should just buy some, of both, and check the packaging.

What a start to the working week. It must herald another really hectic one.

Every other good show is back on TV. Desperate Housewives returns, and Skins now clashes with Supernatural and a new show, Dirty Sexy Money. Choices, choices...

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