25 February 2008


Oscar? Bah!

Someone should take a poll of everybody who actually watches the telecast of the awards to find out the percentage of people who do not even know who a more original Oscar is - Oscar Wilde.

I had a great weekend visiting Michelle and Christopher in Melbourne, staying with them, and catching up with the football.

On Friday afternoon, Christopher and I went to the NAB Challenge game between my team, Brisbane Lions versus North Melbourne, at Optus Oval/Princes Park, which is now called MC Labour Park. I caught up with another supporter there at the game. I didn't really focus on the game, instead trying to test out my new camera. After the game, I caught up with a few players I know.

On Saturday morning, I went to a family day for the Brisbane Lions team and supporters, meeting up with two other supporters. It was great catching up with the players I know and meeting other new players for the first time.

one of the new players I met, Brad Dalziell (Razzle Dazzle)

Afterwards, I went for a bit of shopping in the city and was beside myself when I discovered DVD movies of Tintin and the Blue Oranges, and Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece.

On Sunday, Michelle, Christopher and I went to the Moonee Valley Festival. Of course, Essendon Football Club also held their family day there as part of the festival. The festival was quite big and a lot of fun. I must have patted about six or seven dogs. The football club event was far too big to talk to any players - I've only met a few once and aren't on friendly terms with them. Still, the festival was good fun - a vet stall gave me a free dog ball and thrower.

I returned today, with more football merchandise from both clubs and the DVDs as well as other bargains.

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