20 February 2008

staircase library

I like this amazing staircase library which is a feature of a top floor apartment in London.

More photos of the apartment here. From Apartment Therapy.

At work, we have interstate colleagues in town for week long training. I went to lunch with two of our Adelaide colleagues. We went to a cheap Indian place. Unfortunately, one of them doesn't like spicey food. I was shocked.

Emily came around this evening. We watched the Food Safari episode on Korean cuisine. I want to try Bibimbap one day. I don't mind kimchi and have some in the fridge, but would not want to eat it for every meal every day.

In spite of my desire for Bulgogi, we had sirloin/porterhouse steak for dinner with blanched button squash, asparagus and broccoli. The vegetables were from Saturday's farmers market.


Miss_K said...

I love bibimbap!

Daniel said...

Coincidentally, a work colleague whom I bumped into in the the lift (elevator) was bringing back a bowl of bibimbap for lunch.

I only found out as I asked her if she had noodles!

Now I must try some!