09 March 2008


From Canadian-based fishbol design atelier, the Bookseat

Not available in stores, the Bookseat will begin production shortly and shipped from May 2008 - online orders.

I'm not sure I want one. It would be tight trying to keep the books free of dust. I can think of more practical designs for storing books with seating furniture.

Today was a busy day, especially the morning (see Kane's blog - kanetails.blogspot.com).

Today, I watched The Last King of Scotland. What a brilliant film.

This evening, Sue B and Kerry, who is visiting her from Melbourne, came over. We had a quick drink at home and went to the Dumpling Inn (up the road) for a Peking Duck dinner. I so love Peking Duck and any duck dishes. I always bring the bones home as there is enough meat on them to nibble. Hmmm... tasty.

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