04 March 2008


There is an interesting article in Foreign Policy (March/April 2008) about ethnic nationalism.
Summary: Americans generally belittle the role of ethnic nationalism in politics. But in fact, it corresponds to some enduring propensities of the human spirit, it is galvanized by modernization, and in one form or another, it will drive global politics for generations to come. Once ethnic nationalism has captured the imagination of groups in a multiethnic society, ethnic disaggregation or partition is often the least bad answer.

JERRY Z. MULLER is Professor of History at the Catholic University of America. His most recent book is The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Modern European Thought.
I would have thought that ethnic nationalism continues to drive the political agenda in the United States, for example, the role of the Cuban diaspora in Florida in driving US policy towards Cuba, and Serbian Americans protesting their own government's recognition of an independent Kosovo.

My friend Malgosia's dog Jack is deteriorating and she will be making a hard decision. Keiser was the only cat that Malgosia loved. Sad times all round.

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