08 March 2008

football - preseason NAB Challenge game

BRISBANE 3.2 8.4 9.8 14.13 (97)
SYDNEY 4.3 7.5 9.9 13.9 (87)

J Charman 3 A Proud 2 R Copeland 2 R Hooper 2 J Brennan A Corrie M Leuenberger D Bradshaw N Lappin.
Sydney: J Moore 3 D Jolly 2 N Davis 2 M O'Loughlin 2 H Grundy K Jack R O'Keefe J Bolton.

J Charman J Brown A Proud L Power.
Sydney: A Goodes K Jack E Barlow M O'Loughlin.

Crowd: 2264 at Manuka Oval.

I finally attended a football game of my team, at home. It was a great game. Afterwards, I caught up with a few players that I know, one whom I hadn't seen since August last year.

I went to the game with a few friends - Courtney and we up with Tim (who lives not far from me). There were also a number of supporters I knew, whom I hadn't seen since last year.

The great thing about this game was that I didn't have to go to the airport!

Jared Brennan

Jonathan Brown

Luke Power

Jed Adcock

Simon Black

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