01 March 2008

Saturday, February 30, 2008

When I was in Melbourne last weekend, Michelle asked me for the date of my birthday. I told her February 30 and she believed me. It was quite funny when she found out - I made her look up a calendar.

In any case, I don't see why February should not have 30 days (and 31 days in leap years).

February has been unfairly shortchanged by at least TWO days.

There are four months with 30 days (April, June, September and November).

The rest have 31 days (seven months).

It would be equitable to redistribute a day each from August and January towards February, so that there are seven months of 30 days, and five months of 31 days.

In leap years, there would be six months of 30 days and six months of 31 days.

I mean really, why February? It has been a long time since the old Julian calendar when emperors decided to lengthen the days of the months named after them (Julius Caesar and Augustus).

We must rectify this historical megalomanic anachronism.

I propose an international campaign called 30 Days for February.

Today was a do nothing day, aside from a few walks with Kane.

Keiser would have turned 18 today. I'm still sad that she didn't make it to her 17th birthday. If she did not have the tumour near her liver, she would still be around today.

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