23 February 2009

spoiling the fun for others...

Most people know about the story of Frank Abagnale, big time cheque/check forger, who later became a security consultant to banks.

In a variation relevant to the Oscars, Scott Weiss, big time gate crasher is now advising security at the Oscars how to stop people like him (UK Daily Telegraph).

In a Tinseltown version of the poacher turned gamekeeper, every security guard at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles has been briefed by Scott Weiss on how to prevent others repeating his feat of breaking through the ring of steel to rub shoulders with Hollywood royalty.

Mr Weiss, a former actor who had a small speaking role in Robocop, earned his gatecrashing spurs breaking into events with Clint Eastwood, Prince Charles, David Beckham and the Spice Girls.

He continued with an audacious spree of chutzpah and deception that saw him breach security at the Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild awards and then - his toughest challenge of all - the Oscars themselves.

The final frenzy of gate crashing was for a guerrilla documentary film called The Crasher, which details the meticulous lengths he went to in order to gain entry and then get himself photographed with stars of the silver screen.

Armed with a camera, a laptop loaded with Photoshop software, coloured paper and a portable laminator, Mr Weiss photographed and then mocked up fake security passes to gain entry. If caught, he could have faced criminal prosecution for trespass.

Soon, police may soon consult criminals on hard to crack cases.

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