04 April 2009

football - round 2

CARLTON 3.2 11.5 13.8 18.11 (119)
BRISBANE LIONS 3.3 4.6 10.8 15.10 (100)

GOALS: Carlton: Fevola 5, Murphy 3, Betts 3, Gibbs 2, Cloke 2, Judd, Hadley, Houlihan. Brisbane Lions: Bradshaw 6, Brown 3, Sherman 2, Hooper 2, Johnstone, McGrath.
BEST: Carlton: Gibbs, Judd, Fevola, Murphy, Waite, Hadley, Houlihan. Brisbane Lions: Power, Black, Bradshaw, Drummond, Rich, Adcock.
INJURIES: Carlton: Jamison (shoulder). Brisbane Lions: McGrath (corked thigh), Clark (thigh), Hooper (ankle), Selwood (head).
REPORTS: Jonathan Brown (BL), for rough conduct against Marc Murphy (Carl) in the fourth quarter.
UMPIRES: Brett Rosebury, Ray Chamberlain, Todd Keating.
CROWD: 42,496 at Etihad Stadium.

Good effort from the boys coming from a large deficit after the second quarter.

Lukey (photo by Lachlan Cunningham GSP Images)

Drummo (photo by Lachlan Cunningham GSP Images)

Bunno (photo by Lachlan Cunningham GSP Images)

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