08 May 2009

the greatest artist in the world .com

Arie Levit is 'the greatest artist in the world dot com'. According to artsconnect

Arie was born in Israel in 1969, and migrated to the northern beaches in Sydney in 2002. From a young age he discovered the joy of surfing, and the ocean has become a great source of his inspiration.

After migrating to Australia, Arie developed a new and unique style of painting. Using the same techniques as the great masters, Arie creates fresco / stucco paintings from ground marble that he mixes into a tinted paste and applies to high-quality board as his canvas. The results are stunning large format abstracts on board, painted solely with a builders trowel, as never seen in the art world today. No brushes are used in the creation of his work.

Arie's work is unique, never before has an artist modernised the technique of the old Masters with such dedication, vigour and passion. In each piece can be seen the ethos, love and unique style of this artist. The beauty of Arie's work lies not only in the visual experience, but in the beautiful tactile experience of touching each piece, which he openly encourages the viewer to do.

To glide one's hand over the cool smooth surface of his paintings is both surprising and relaxing. The textural quality that he masterfully emulates in tinted marble leads you to expect a one-of-a-kind experience, then delivers another. Arie's work exudes a kind of visual happiness, and in each piece he leaves a distinct imprint of his own playful personality.

Arie Levit at Double Bay Art Gallery

Double Bay Art Gallery has offered a million dollars (Australia) to anybody who can reproduce his work using the same technique.

" The Lions Den "
1220mm X 1220mm

It's a bold claim to style oneself as the greatest artist in the world. An interesting gimmick that works. Seriously, over hundreds or thousands of years in the history of art, it would be an immense task to overtake Leonardo da Vinci

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