23 June 2009

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Breakout : how I escaped from the Exclusive Brethren
by David Tchappat (New Holland 2009)

From publisher's notes
Imagine a life without television, music or freedom; imagine every minute of your spare time being spent attending church; imagine growing up believing swimming pools, cinemas and dancing were evil.

For members of the Exclusive Brethren, a strict religious sect, constraints such as these are normal. No member is allowed to eat in the same room as a ‘worldly’ person, they are forbidden from owning a pet and they are restricted from socialising with anyone outside of the Exclusive Brethren. Most members are so isolated within the sect that they can’t even imagine a life on the outside.

But not all members can live such a controlled existence. Once David Tchappat had a taste of the real world as a teenager, there was no going back despite the fact he knew he would be cruelly ostracised from his family, friends and the only life he had known.
A very interesting read from a personal perspective of a very secretive organisation. Exclusive Bethren received a lot of media attention during previous Australian federal election campaigns allegedly due to their political influence with the previous Australian prime minister and political donations, particularly given members of the organisation are forbidden to vote.

Tchappat's autobiography is very honest and revealing.

More information on Exclusive Bethren.
They shun the conduits of evil communications: television, the radio, and the Internet.
No equivalent of the Amish's Rumspringa.

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Anonymous said...

Yes - it's a fascinating book - and it's very accurate - well worth reading. Wanted to make sure that your readers also see a link to the Truth about the Exclusive Brethren - their site is a propaganda center!

Try http://peebs.net for the full picture.