27 June 2009

football - round 13

BRISBANE LIONS: 3.4, 9.7, 13.13, 16.15 (111)
MELBOURNE: 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 8.8 (56)

Brisbane Lions:
Brown 5, Bradshaw 4, Rich 2, Polkinghorne 2, Stiller, Roe, Sherman
Melbourne: Sylvia 2, Morton, Robertson, Bruce, Jones, Jurrah, Davey
Brisbane Lions:
Power, Black, Brown, Rich, Bradshaw, Brennan
Melbourne: Sylvia, Davey, Bruce, Green, Grimes
CHANGES: M Bate (Melbourne) replaced in selected side by N Jones
UMPIRES: Donlon, Hay, Jeffery
CROWD: 23,750 at the Gabba

The match was an avenging one to make up for last year's one point loss to Melbourne at the same time last year, which started a downhill spiral. At one stage, the margin was an incredible 74 points, but the Dees (Melbourne Demons) came back with six goals in the final quarter. While a great win, it wasn't really an exciting game to watch.

Photos by Mervyn Lowe (ML) and Sean Garnsworthy (SG) for Slattery Media Group

Jahz (ML)

Jed (ML)

Luke (SG)

Rischi (SG)

Shermo (SG)

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