07 July 2009

Kumar goes from White Castle to the White House

Actor Kal Penn, who as Kumar went to White Castle with Harold, has now gone to the White House. Under his real name of Kalpen Modi, he will be working as an associate director at the White House Office of Public Engagement. Of course, this shouldn't be any surprise to Washington watchers. From Washington Times

During the campaign, he was one of the most reliable surrogates for Mr. Obama, after, he said, signing up to volunteer like any other supporter.

But campaign aides said in 2007 that the actor called them to offer his unsolicited help for Mr. Obama's then long-shot candidacy. He surpassed their best expectations and attracted young voters across the nation, starring in at least 14 campaign videos on YouTube and appearing at multiple events on the candidate's behalf.

"Kal was one of the hardest working volunteers we had in Iowa," said Tommy Vietor, an assistant White House press secretary who worked on the campaign. "He visited nearly every high school in the state and didn't care if he was met by five or 50 students, or if he nearly got lost in a blizzard trying to get there."

Mr. Modi heaped praise on his new boss Mr. Obama on Monday, telling reporters he hopes to further the "honest dialogue Americans have grown to believe in" and calling the job a "great honor" at an "incredibly historic time."

"I hope to serve my country to the best of my ability," he said.

Obviously, Modi connected with young voters and should do a great job.

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