04 October 2009

Switzerland most respected by others. Australians have the highest image of own country

According to a study by the Reputation Institute, in a survey of 40,000 people, Switzerland is the most respected country in the world. Australians also have the highest self-image of their own country. From their 20 September press release
The CountryRep 2009 study measures the overall respect, trust, esteem, admiration and good feelings the public in the G8 countries hold toward 34 countries outside of their home country and how 33 of those countries rate their own nations. Findings from more than 40,000 interviews showed that Australia, Canada, and Finland gave their home country the highest ratings, giving insight into self-image around the world. The general public in Japan rated their own country the lowest when asked about their perceptions of the following statements:
- “The country has a good reputation.”
- “I like the country.”
- “I admire and respect the country.”
- “I trust the country.”

The general public in the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, USA) were surveyed for their perception of which countries are the most attractive to invest in and indicated Sweden and Canada placed in the top three here, as well, with Switzerland being the most desirable to invest in among 34 rated nations.

Other highlights from Reputation Institute’s CountryRep 2009 include:
- Canada and Australia are the only non-European countries in the top ten.
- China and Russia showed the largest gap by rating themselves above average and higher while others rated them the lowest of the countries in the survey.
- Conversely, Japan showed the only perception gap between their own public perception of their country and the ratings of their nation by non-Japanese respondents in which they rated their own country lower than how others perceived their nation.
The scores make for very interesting reading. Of course, people who have not travelled or whose research (via internet etc) is censored, are not going to know any better.

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