04 November 2009

San Diego zoo's panda naming

San Diego Zoo's male giant panda cub, born on 5 August 2009, is to be named and the public's vote is now being sought amongst the following five options

福圣 Fú Shèng (fu sheng): blissful San Diego
小龙 Xiǎo Lóng (siao long): little dragon
熊伟 Xióng Wěi (syong wei): extraordinary bear
永祥 Yǒng Xiǎng (yong siang): eternally blessed
云子 Yún Zǐ (yun zih): son of cloud

Pronunciation of names in this YouTube video

See - San Diego Zoo: Name the Panda (note vote ends at midnight, Tuesday 4 November - their time)

Seriously, why should every single Panda cub born outside of China be given a Mandarin Chinese name?

What is wrong with names like Percival or George? Personally, I think Patrick would be a cool name for a panda.

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