01 December 2009

Is it really a cuisine?

The (UK) Daily Telegraph has a picture gallery of "Great British dishes".

I admit to liking several of them, like kippers, black pudding, bangers and mash, cottage pie (but I call it shepherd's pie, with beef mince), fish and chips, and roast beef with yorkshire pudding. None of them, I would eat on a regular basis given they are rather stodgy and unhealthy. Nor would I call any of the dishes great. Honestly.

If the dishes pictured represent British cuisine, then it has got to be one of the worse in the world.

A breakfast fry up with black pudding
(picture by Abbie Trayler-Smith for Daily Telegraph)

I agree somewhat with this Sydney Morning Herald (travel) blog

The best
- Japan
- France
- Thailand
- Italy
- India

The worst
- the Netherlands
- Eastern Europe
- East Africa
- Britain
- United States

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