26 December 2009

Milton Keynes

Recently, BBC News published a feature about Milton Keynes given England's bid for the 2018 World Cup (FIFA) and that MK could be a host 'city'.

Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham. These are cities with football passion and pedigree coursing through their streets.

And Milton Keynes? This new town in Buckinghamshire finds itself sitting in exalted company on the list of 11 host cities for World Cup 2018.

Over the years, it's been the butt of jokes about concrete cows, and contrasts have been unkindly drawn between the town and yoghurt - only one of which has culture, say sneering comics.

But if this bid is successful, then the last laugh could be had by Milton Keynes and its fast-growing populace, because it would suddenly find itself on the sporting tourist trail.

The feature then lists 10 highlights of the town. I have probably visited the place ten times, well often enough to know how to walk from the railway station to the main shopping centre, and the only memorable attributes of the town are actually the concrete cows and the giant, yet named, roundabouts.

(photo from Wikipedia) the railway station is somewhere around here

(photo from Wikipedia) Liz Leyh's concrete cows

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