22 January 2010

and higher it goes

Burj Khalifa's crown of being the tallest building, indeed human-built structure (at 828 m or 2,717 ft) is now under threat. There are plans for a building in Miami that will surpass this mantle.

Miapolis has been proposed for Miami, at 975 m (3,200 ft). From the developer's website
The design by architect Kobi Karp for Watson Island was inspired by the natural forms of the Florida landscape, with its undulating forms reflecting the motion of its multi cultural context and the surrounding ocean.

Miapolis is about innovation and creativity. The Pan-American plaza with Dancing Fountains will offer free daily shows, a major indoor theme park for the whole family, a full service trade center for the “Gateway of the Americas,” an exciting public amphitheater and the stunning promenade 30' high on Biscayne Bay.

The observatory and rotating sky-lounge will offer to millions of people an unsurpassed view of South Florida and the Caribbean from the top of the world (see the Design page).

Miapolis is an economic engine, and a sensible and rational solution for the local economy by resolving the Jungle Island debts while producing $942 million annually in tax revenues, and no taxpayer funds required. More importantly, Miapolis creates 46,000 construction and 35,000 permanent jobs (see the Proposal page).

Miapolis would provide constant and free worldwide exposure of Miami, increasing tourism, international trade, passengers and cargo for the airlines, MIA and the Port of Miami, and will benefit all of Downtown by attracting millions of visitors annually (see the Economic Impact page).

The height approval by MIA/FAA is required, but our arguments are powerful and undeniable. The safety issue affect all of the people of Miami. Our proposed solution should be adopted, as it is a flight procedure in use at R. Regan International Airport and already approved by the FAA. A no fly zone over South Beach, the Port of Miami and Downtown should and must also be adopted now to protect the present and future core of our economy and to allow for the approval of Miapolis. The benefits to MIA and the airlines are vast. The County has the power to mandate these changes (see the Overview page).

Reported in Miami Herald, 2010 January 08.

Locating the huge building on an island would avoid the casting of a massive shadow over downtown. No doubt, somebody is already planning a building 25 metres taller to reach a tidy numbered one kilometre high. Someone who may feel the need to compensate for other inadequacies.

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