19 January 2010

carpe carp

Carp is a declared noxious species in Australia and once caught, it is illegal to return it to a waterway. See New South Wales Department of Primary Industries - Carp (under freshwater pests).

In the United States, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has developed a market for carp as food, as a means to reduce number. Reported by NPR

Building off a state-developed marketing plan, a group of Louisiana-based companies has started a joint venture that will put Asian carp on retail shelves within weeks.

The fish are being marketed as silverfin, the name it was given in a marketing plan developed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The agency is promoting recreational and commercial applications of an invasive fish that has caused huge problems for boaters in northern states.

Rather than poisoning the fish to get rid of them like northern states have done, wildlife officials are opting to make them an appetizing meal.

As for the taste?
Parola said that it's a cross between scallops and crab meat. "Consumers will love it," he said.
Carp has been eaten in the from of gefilte fish (ground) for years.

In Australia, not many people would eat carp, not even people from Asian backgrounds who have better choices with ocean fish. Polish migrants do prepare carp in aspic, if they are patient with the small bones.

Still, it is something our fisheries pest control authorities could learn from Louisiana.

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