02 January 2010

Doctor Who - goodbye and hello

The BBC screened the final special episodes (in two parts) of the tenth Doctor Who on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. It was also a farewell to the tenth Doctor (David Tennant) as he regenerated into the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith).

... and he's still not ginger (haired).

A recent poll of 2000 people voted David Tennant as the most popular Doctor Who of all time.

I'm not sure how the new one will go. His catch cry appears to be "Geronimo".

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Nate said...

Oh no. With David gone, I don't know that I would keep watching, even as I understand he had to go. I thought he was a great doctor. Just like how Torchwood killed Lanto, I won't watch anymore of it.

Daniel said...

Oh no, what about the Daleks coming back?

nate said...

hmmmm, maybe. It all depends.