12 February 2010

Colton drops in

I wrote about "Barefoot Bandit" Colton Harris-Moore in late December 2009. It seems he has struck again. Reported by Islands' Sounder, excerpt

An airplane theft and a break-in at an Eastsound business could be linked to alleged serial burglar Colton Harris-Moore, authorities say.

On the morning of Feb. 11, an airplane taken from Skagit County was found abandoned at the Eastsound airport, and employees at Homegrown Market and Deli walked into a nightmare: the store was broken into, vandalized, and sustained damage to internal security systems.

“He took everything in the dessert cabinet. He took a whole tray of raw croissants with meat. I guess he has an oven to use,” said Homegrown accounts manager Sherri Pearson. “He discovered our monitor for our security system, broke that open and was trying to take out the parts. He put the monitor in the sink and ran water over it; (owner) Kyle found the water running in the morning.”

Large footprint outlines were drawn all over the floor of the store; each one is around three feet long. A parting message of “Cya!” was left by the front door.

photo by Meredith Griffith, Islands' Sounder

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Colton Harris-Moore's facebook fan club now has nearly 18 000 members.

Naughty Colton is closer to being caught.

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