15 February 2010

football - preseason NAB cup round 1

Finally, the footy is back and it was in town too, on yesterday afternoon! Some terrible umpiring decisions cost my team the game, although the third quarter was dismal. It rained all morning and early afternoon, finally clearing just before the game. The oval surface was really wet.

Western Bulldogs 0.0.4 0.1.8 0.4.14 1.5.14 (53)
Brisbane Lions
1.1.3 1.3.6 1.3.6 1.5.6 (45)

Nine pointers:
Western Bulldogs: R Griffen. Brisbane: J Sherman.
Goals: Western Bulldogs: A Everitt 2 A Cooney J Roughead L Jones.
Brisbane Lions:
J Sherman 2 B Fevola J Brennan J O'Brien.

Best: Western Bulldogs: A Cooney D Giansiracusa M Hahn L Gilbee B Moles. Brisbane Lions: J Sherman T Rockcliffe A Buchanan T Johnstone J Redden C Stiller.

There were a lot of new faces/numbers following a busy period of trading and delisting at the end of last season. Hence there were some pleasant surprises.

photos by me

Charmo in the ruck contest - some nice tap work from him

walking off the ground after the third quarter

preparing for play

Toddy with the ball

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