03 February 2010


John McCallum, creator of that iconic television show Skippy has died (ABC News). Skippy was fun to watch but it brainwashed generations of children into over-estimating the intelligence of kangaroos and wallabies.

Skippy probably delayed acceptance of kangaroo as food, despite being hunted by indigenous Australians for many millenia. There were around 25 million kangaroos a few years ago, which are possibly increasing to 60 million depending on rainfall in different habitats.

Kangaroo meat is very very lean and rich in iron but best not overcooked. Unfortunately, it smells very strong and gamey when being cooked, so best to barbecue outdoors.


liz888 said...

Daniel, I'm shocked that you would talk about eating roo meat in the same breath as talk of Skippy, my childhood hero. Some fantasies re best left untouched.


Daniel said...