16 March 2010

'socialized' health care?

I'm still perplexed about the claims of 'socialized' health care by those engaging in scare campaigns with respect to health care reforms in the United States.

Existing services that can be considered to be 'socialized' include education and public transport.

Why should taxpayers who do not have children subsidise the education of those who do have children? Why should governments fund and provide education when there are plenty of private providers who can do it? Why should those who drive cars subsidise public transport?

It is not just about economics. You can't pick and choose.

Why not dispense with government altogether? The military? Just hire private contractors and mercenaries. But who will pay for it?. Foreign policy? Let the think tanks sort it out and come up with a committee.

Why bother collecting taxes? Let consumers pay for what they consume.

It's easy to come up with slogans, but harder to articulate the logic behind such arguments.

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