10 May 2010

Evil faced tinned pear shocks woman

photo as supplied to The Southland Times

Reported in New Zealand's The Southland Times, a woman opened a tin of pears to discover a 'demonic face carved into one of its contents'.
Mrs McMahon said the shock of the find is nothing compared with the trial she has had trying to get answers out of the pears' supplier.

She bought the Budget brand can of pears from Invercargill Pak'N Save a fortnight ago and feeling "a bit peckish", she opened it, late on May 1.

She said it was when she returned to the can for a second helping that she scooped the freakish piece of fruit out.

"I thought `oh my God, is that a face'... it really kind of shocked me."

Inspecting the can, she found an 0800 number and called it.

That call went through to voicemail and, despite feeling "embarrassed", she left a message, Mrs McMahon said.

She took photos of the pear, posted them to websites, including TV3 and Facebook and listed it on Trade Me before going to bed.

The rest of the article details Mrs McMahon's dealings with the distributor, in which she had a greater problem with the complaint process and her treatment rather than the piece of fruit in question.

Seriously, the treatment received by Mrs McMahon was proportionate to the fuss she made about the now unimportant piece of fruit.

The tin of fruit was produced in and imported from China. The brand appears to be a low cost one. The piece of fruit was still edible.

What did Mrs McMahon expect the manufacturer to do? Launch an investigation to find the Chinese factory worker who may have done the deed? The Chinese worker who does the same job every day canning pears for very little pay?

Honestly, people should balance their outrage with a bit of perspective.

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