01 May 2010

football - round 6

Sydney Swans 5.1, 9.5, 16.8, 16.11 (107)
Brisbane Lions 2.2, 5.3, 11.4, 13.9 (87)

Sydney Swans
: Bradshaw 6, Goodes 3, Bolton 2, Smith 2, Moore, Jack, Malceski
Brisbane Lions: Fevola 4, Brown 4, Banfield 3, Leuenberger, Polkinghorne


Sydney Swans: Bradshaw, Bolton, Jack, Shaw, O'Keefe, Goodes
Brisbane Lions: Clark, Brown, Banfield, Rischitelli, Drummond, Raines


Sydney Swans: Jude Bolton (concussion), Seaby (ankle), Hannebery (shoulder), O'Keefe (concussion), Richards (ankle)
Brisbane Lions: Maguire (concussion)

: Vozzo, McBurney, Wenn

Daniel Bradshaw was a great goal-kicker for the Brisbane Lions. Losing him to Sydney over complicated contract negotiations and being offered as trade to another club has come back to haunt my team.

I missed most of the game, being out for the evening. Small mercies.

AFL Rd 6 - Swans v Lions

AFL Rd 6 - Swans v Lions

AFL Rd 6 - Swans v Lions

AFL Rd 6 - Swans v Lions

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