30 May 2010

good evening Oslo

The final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is on TV tonight, hosted by Norway in Oslo, as last year's winner was the Norwegian entry.

This year, I stayed up through all of the counting... "good evening Oslo, here are the results from the Swedish vote. Eight points go to United Kingdom, huit point pwarnt pour Royaume-Uni ... twelve points go to Greece, douze points pwarnt pour La Grèce" etc. Actually, United Kingdom didn't do so well this year.

Again, there was no longer the undignified nul point pwarnt awarded, as 39 voting countries award points for 1-7, then 8, 10 and 12 so there would be lots with nul point anyway.

Tonight's telecast isn't live so we already knew who the winner is.

Lena Meyer-Landrut from Germany with Satellite

Unfortunately, Lena sung in English.

The Belarusian entry sung about butterflies

As always, there is usually a 'boy' band dressed in white. This year, it was Greece

The best part of the broadcast was the Norwegian performance between the entries and voting. The ultimate flashmob all over Europe.

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